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Our Story

Minneapolis TMS was started in 2021 with express goal of bringing TMS to as many people as possible. As we learned more about this treatment we realized something profound: TMS is awesome. The results speak for themselves. We are a proud joint venture of MHCS.

We picked up a TMS machine and learned as much as we could so we could start helping people throw off the weight of depression. With all we had learned through MHCS, we knew we could offer this new treatment efficiently and pass the savings on to the people we treat. We have seen patients struggle with medications. There is a deep need for other options for these people. So, we took what we learned and committed to successfully offering them what they need to grow and thrive.


We are excited to be offering this powerful new treatment and to have another tool in our kit to help people heal. The people we serve are the most important source of feedback in creating treatments that work and meet people where they are. We look forward to growing alongside our amazing community of patients.

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About TMS

Click below to learn more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

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